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Saturday, 12 December 2015

UAVs equipped with an RFID reader to read data from the air

In November 2015, Denso WAVE has began selling RFID tags, which can be read as far as about 2.5m by the uhf rfid reader module "RFID VOCS Scanner UR30". The products were equipped on unmanned aerial vehicles. From October 22 to 23, "Niigata BIZ EXPO2015" demonstration  was carried out outdoor to read RFID tags, which used UAV  "Mini-surveyor MS-06LA"  by Japan Self Control System Institute .and the UAV automatically flight at about 3m air when the reader was fixed through a camera bracket. 30 RFID tags were stacked up in boxes .And UAV flight over on them to identify and read the ID.
rfid card reader application|syncotek.com

The products differ from QR codes and bar codes affixed which only could read data .This products can be 360-degree reading and be linearly polarized antenna.

Thus, the RFID reader is fixedly mounted downwardly even when UAV is not aligned label, the label still can be read, if UVA is located within the communication range of all tags.

Goods ID and other data can be sent to the smart phones and tablet PCs via Bluetooth communication. It is said that Japan Sato Holding Company who assisted in the presentation and  warehouse management systems will use this system for business, which was composed by the same drones and RFID warehouse management system.

Use unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with RFID VOCS Scanner UR30 to read the RFID tag. An object which is mounted on the front right side of UAV is a reader. (Click to enlarge) UAV data was obtained. And could identify All ID 9 times among a total of 10 times flying.(Click to enlarge)

The product has obtained IP55 certification, which can be used in semi-outdoor environments IEC standard protection class. Transmission output power is less than 250mW with a data transmission speed of 40kbps,it needs no specific low-power products, Including batteries,   and the 350g body weight. The product uses wireless charging, you can work 12 hours. DENSO WAVE's RFID reader product line formerly is divided into fixed and handheld, and the handheld products label is read by hand -holding, but also can be fixed to the bracket.

UHF RFID Module RS232 Reader Module | SYNCOTEK SR-MU-901R

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